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Valdez Residence

Type: Residential 
Material: Wood
Area: 2,400 sq.ft. 
Location: Half Moon Bay, CA  

The house is sited on the edge of a protected coastal state park and a suburban development. It attempts to create a strong relationship between the Pacific and the coastal mountain range.

The project explorers both a familiar residential typology, yet is also in dialogue with its landscape. Its form is both compact protecting from harsh weather, and linear to face coastal views. The roof pitches abstract the profiles of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The program is arranged linear from north to south. The ground floor contains spaces for cooking, dining and gathering; while the upper floor is private and reserved for sleeping. Each room is given a specific view and light conditions. Square windows reference both fenestrations from its surrounding context, however are uninterruppted by mullions, reduced to quiet framed views.

Seeking to be part of the landscape, this is a project between sea and mountain.