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Bottom of the Hill Apartments

Type: Residential 
Material: Concrete 
Area: 22,000 sq.ft. 
Location: San Francisco, CA 

The Bottom of the Hill Apartments is a mixed-use proposal at the corner of 17th and Texas Streets in Potrero Hill, San Francisco.  It has north facing views of the downtown skyline, while the east looks to the San Francisco Bay.  The project borders both residential and industrial uses that began in the 1800’s.  Potrero Hill is a neighborhood that developed over time, and has a range of building types from small cottages to large industrial developments.  Found materials include wood, masonry and steel; together they resist a lack of defining character for this part of the city.  

This project is interested in amplifying the common forms of its site.  Simple volumes reflect the program of upper level units, while mimicking common masses from its context.  Ground floor retail program is infilled between open-air apartment lobbies that connect vertical circulation to the public street and internal courtyard.  

The idea of common interpretation is carried out throughout light and fenestrations.  Basic patterns of street level portals and windows recognize existing complementary relationships.  They are then positioned and scaled to achieve specific views and light qualities.  The resulting organization attempts to interpret, and form a relationship with the urban fabric.