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Moss Beach Residence

Type: Residential 
Material: Concrete 
Area: 8,000 sq.ft. 
Location: Moss Beach, CA 

This project draws on the vernacular typologies of rural settlements along the West Coast of California. Early examples were Spanish colonial houses, whose simple forms were the result of Pueblo-Spanish traditions of building. Because of their remote locations and limited access to resources, simple pitched-roof and adobe-walled forms resulted by necessity. Typical domestic plans were arranged as a series of single-width rooms, extended as required, and folded to form courtyards. Manufactured housing is now the most common type of domestic production in the United States.  Commonly distributed among rural and suburban communities near cities, single-wides (typically a sixteen-foot wide unit) and double-wides, are transported to a site complete. These linear plans are then customized by adding decks, carports, and room extensions.

This project attempts to merge these two typologies with a telluric connection to the site. Restrained pitched-roof extruded forms are stratified in both plan and section to form a folded triptych. These single-wide units slip to create view, outdoor spaces, and define the boundaries of its base. A central public hall engages and unifies the units through its cross axis. Volumes are constructed of sedimentary layers of concrete, with varying colors of sand and gravel extracted from the site, recalling the stratified cliffs below.