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Iceland Trekking Cabins

Type: Residential 
Material: Wood
Area: 1,100 sq.ft. 
Location: Various Locations, Iceland 

The project references its past by continuing the tradition of the Nordic longhouse, whose timber frame and suppressed gable wer surrounded by turf blocks for insulation. The typology was organized around a main hall space for working and social gatherings. On either side of this central corridor were raised platforms used for seating and sleeping. A fireplace was central to this plan, as smoke and heat escaped though roof vent. Entries were compressed vestibules to protect from the elements.

This new longhouse observes the logic of this typology, trusting its conventions, yet affirms itself as an autonomous object. The program is arranged in served (main hall) and servant spaces (bunks, restrooms, mechanical, and storage), thereby creating interior legibility as clear as its exterior form. It brings with it the essence of the longhouse while embracing its new potential. The result is a clearly identifiable form that reinforces its climatic and cultural context. It contributes to a sense of place, unique to the highlands upon which it occupies, thereby marking a destination for trekkers and a moment for refuge and prospect.