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House For Three Generations

Type: Residential 
Material: Wood
Area: 3,200 sq.ft. 
Location: San Francisco, CA 

The existing San Francisco craftsman style house is from 1923. The goal was not to strip it to its shell, but rather selectively intervene to allow for the distinct materials and characteristics of the original to show through.

A new staircase attempts to connect these separate parts, not to create a whole, but to collect the parts and speak to each condition through a single material and specific landings.

While the upper two levels remained mainly intact, the lower level received the greatest level of modification. It contains a bedroom, bath, kitchen and living space that opens onto the rear garden. Volumes that read as insertions into the level (stair, bathroom and kitchen) are clad in a colored medium-density fiberboard panel and are artificially lit, while the walls that contain are rendered a soft gray. The program elements are made visible and illustrate how the space is activated by their offset and diagonal placement.