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House in Sunshine Valley

Type: Residential 
Material: Wood
Area: 2,300 sq.ft. 
Location: Moss Beach, CA 

A house in Moss Beach, California sits in a valley of the Santa Cruz Mountains. A seemingly straightforward and flat site is, in fact, constrained by a riparian woodland to the east, a creek that runs diagonally through the property, and vertical daylight planes per county zoning regulations. Bound and shaped by the beauty that surrounds it.

The project seeks not only to maximize the permitted volume but also, upon approach, exaggerate its faceted and vertical nature. Exterior facades are conceived of as planes of vertical lines with rectangles that punch through. Each plane alternates its vertical redwood rain screen board width. Assembled as sticks allowed to naturally weather gray, it simultaneously seeks to respect the nature of the material, and at the same time push its syntax creating an oscillating character that heightens its sculptural effect.