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381 11th Street
San Francisco, CA – 94103

Licensed architect, California #34474

Local Business Enterprise,
City and County of San Francisco

David Jaehning Architect is an architecture practice based in San Francisco, California. All of our work is driven by a focus on the ways in which material, construction, and matters of perception contribute to the discipline of architecture. Grounded by a deep practice of design research, our projects precisely consider their client, location, and contemporary moment.

A focus on detail and investigations into new construction methods lead us to look for ever-expanding material possibilities. The appropriate form for a project emerges as we push the efficiency and performance of materials. We search for an art of construction.

We understand the challenges of constructing a project, and that successful projects build bridges between all those involved in the design process: the client, community, design team, and contractor. Our role as architects also involves connecting our studio practice to the urgencies of the profession. We position ourselves in the world so that we can do more than produce objects in isolation.

This position comes from our developed attitude toward our present condition and the future of society — we see how the study of architectural language is shaped and influenced by its socio-political, environmental, and economic forces. This choice is not arbitrary or individualistic — it’s part of a greater cultural endeavor.

We ask each collaborator that enters our orbit to envision the materialization of the project, to consider the labor involved, and to understand the complexities and present concerns of the built environment. It is from within the discipline, through specific works, that the precision and power of architecture can positively influence society. Through the culture of our practice, those that work with us embrace the unique opportunity to be leaders of a paradigm shift in materials and the built environment.
David Jaehning
David Jaehning is a licensed architect in California. Prior to founding the studio, he led a variety of project types — including museums, civic, commercial, residential, and hotels — at internationally renowned architecture firms including David Chipperfield in Milan, Italy, and Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, Switzerland, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill in San Francisco, and Marlon Blackwell in Arkansas. While at David Chipperfield, he was the team leader on the Restoration of Castello Sforzesco in Milan and the Urban Redevelopment of the University Hospital of Santa Chiara in Pisa. At Herzog & de Meuron, he was part of a team that oversaw the completed design and construction of the New de Young Museum in San Francisco. At Marlon Blackwell, he was the project manager for the Steven L. Anderson Design Center at the Fay Jones School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas, and managed projects for Shelby Farms Park in Memphis, Tennessee.

Alongside his practice, David teaches undergraduate and graduate design studios and construction courses at UC Berkeley’s Department of Architecture. He also writes on the disciplinary concerns of architecture.

Current staff
Ian Erickson, Aaron Goldstein, Giulia Accurso

Past collaborators
Marta Elliot, René Espinoza, Alejandro Gómez, Colin Griffin, Kara O’Connor, Tara Shi, James Skarzenski
All Rights Reserved
These drawings, concepts, designs and ideas are the property of David Jaehning Architect. They may not be copied, reproduced, disclosed to others or used in connection with any work other than the specified project for which they were prepared, in whole or in part, without the prior written authorization of David Jaehning Architect.

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